Murray 80th Birthday Photo Album

Prepared by Peter Ash


View individual pictures or Download zip file with all photos in high resolution (~ 25 MB)

Ash wedding jaffes Marcia Bat Mitzvah gp Marcia Poppa Margy Mu 1932a Mu 1932b
Ash wedding jaffes.jpg Marcia Bat Mitzvah gp.jpg Marcia Poppa Margy.jpg Mu 1932a.jpg Mu 1932b.jpg
Mu June friend 1934.ed Mu age toddler Mu camel 1966 Mu child Mu child.albumcvr
Mu June friend 1934.ed.jpg Mu age toddler.jpg Mu camel 1966.jpg Mu child.jpg Mu child.albumcvr.jpg
Mu fa zoo Mu mo June 1931 Mu sibs Rose Mu uniform Mu w kids
Mu fa zoo.jpg Mu mo June 1931.jpg Mu sibs Rose.jpg Mu uniform.jpg Mu w kids.jpg
Mur Marg 1952 Murray Herb Kraus Murray cvr Poppa dog swing cousins
Mur Marg 1952.jpg Murray Herb Kraus.jpg Murray cvr.jpg Poppa dog.jpg swing cousins.jpg

Download zip file with all photos in high resolution (~ 25 MB)

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